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Press Release Announcement

Dear Members of the Bukharian Community,


We are writing to assure you that we have the necessary experience and know-how to uphold a Kosher Supervision operation that runs smoothly and efficiently. Our team is comprised of experts from the New York Bet Din with decades of Kosher Supervision experience between them.


We understand what's at stake when it comes to Kosher Supervision and take our tasks very seriously. We are meticulous in our tracking and monitoring process, ensuring that every item meets the highest Kosher standards possible. We conduct thorough examinations of ingredients and products, leaving no detail unchecked. At all times, we strive to maintain Kosher integrity both inside and outside our facilities.


Furthermore, we regularly consult with Rabbinic authorities on Halachic matters related to Kosher Supervision. This ensures that any Kosher food item passing through our operation adheres to a strict set of laws and regulations set forth by these authorities.


The bottom line is this: when you entrust us with overseeing Kosher items within the community, you can be certain that they will be handled with care, expertise, and dedication. We guarantee that each item we oversee meets the highest Kosher standards possible so that your community can enjoy peace of mind knowing their food is truly Kosher certified.


Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your Kosher Supervision provider of choice. Should you have any questions about our services or processes please do not hesitate to contact us directly – it would be our pleasure to assist you further in any way we can!



The New York Bet Din Team

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