Naftali Bennett demands NIS 100,000 in compensation from Rabbi Yossi Mizrahi

The former Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, continues to sue tweeters and rabbis on social networks and at the weekend he demanded from Rabbi Yossi Mizrahi NIS 100,000 in compensation for claims he made that "Bennett's mother is not Jewish" (Baretz)

Dec 18, 2022 - 01:18
May 17, 2024 - 08:01
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Naftali Bennett demands NIS 100,000 in compensation from Rabbi Yossi Mizrahi

Continues to sue: Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett demands that Rabbi Yossi Mizrahi apologize for claims he made that Bennett's mother is not Jewish and pay 100,000 shekels in compensation.

According to the report on N12, Rabbi Mizrahi claimed in his sermon that Bennett's mother is not Jewish, so Bennett himself is a Gentile. In class he claimed: "No one tolerates him, no one. There is no one who hates him because of what he did - he broke every promise he made, cheated everyone, cheated all his voters, a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood and a traitor to Israel. On top of all this, we learned this week That his mother is not Jewish. That means he is not Jewish."

Bennett's lawyers made it clear to Rabbi Mizrahi that if he doesn't pay the compensation, he will apologize and delete the Bretons Hir that the amount of the claim is expected to be larger.

Bennett himself commented on his wave of lawsuits over the weekend and said: "One of the uglier campaigns was to paint me as a non-Jew. Yes, I am Naftali Bennett, the Prime Minister of Israel at the time, supposedly I am not Jewish. How did they do this? They questioned Avi-Mori's Jewishness, James Yaakov Bennett, Z"L, presented my mother Myrna-Leah as a woman who was supposedly born a Gentile, and converted incorrectly. Their goal was to connect this to the big story that I am handing the country over to Hamas and our enemy's bigots.

"At the same time, my good mother (a woman I admire) called me in distress and told me that more and more people, including her friends (!) were approaching her with doubts about her Jewishness. I made liitle of the campaign because I thought it was so far-fetched and who would believe it. I was also extremely busy I am the head of state affairs and I told my mother to ignore it. I was wrong. This campaign, as well as the others, took a serious hold among hundreds of thousands of good Israelis. The poison machine succeeded."


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