Jacob Arabov (Bukharian Jew) Designs World's Tallest Residential Tower to be Built in Dubai

Binghatti teams up with Jacob & Co for record-breaking residential tower in Dubai

Nov 9, 2022 - 18:36
May 17, 2024 - 01:18
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Jacob Arabov (Bukharian Jew) Designs World's Tallest Residential Tower to be Built in Dubai

Property developer Binghatti and luxury jewellery company Jacob & Co announced they will be building what is claimed to become the world’s tallest residential structure. The final height for this project hasn't been released yet, but New York's Central Park Tower at 472m records current record as highest single family residence only construction in Dubai with blend of luxurious living spaces along side modern day technology amenities such as private health care clinics on every floor.”

“The world’s most luxurious residential tower, Burj Binghatti was inspired by jewellery. With two and three-bedroom residences in the Business Bay district of Dubai this hyperlink between summit and sea will include an infinity pool overlooking the city skyline as well as private chefs for every meal served at your doorstep! In addition to all these luxuries you get a personal butler who provides security 24/7 along with chauffeurs if needed - it really does seem like life doesn'tBook now before these apartments go fast!"


Inspired by the intricate horological movements in Jacob & Co timepieces, we integrated them into key elements of our design. The diamond-shaped spires sitting atop this building are reminiscent to an actual crown--a precious jewel worn by royalty throughout history who sought out excellence and luxury with every touchpoint across their vast domains. This signature feature adds yet another layer: grandeur on top; privacy below—signifying whose power you belong too while setting your own rules along these heights!

The latest development in Dubai, the Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences will be an exclusively luxurious high-rise residence that is set to become one of the most sought after properties on offer.

The officially named tower features a private member’s club and penthouse apartments with specifications tailored for those who want nothing but excellence within their living spaces; all interested parties have been invited during this event which takes place November 16th. Such qualified candidates must go through pre-qualification processes before they can evaluation eligibility as partisan.






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