Israel is set to hold a stable, right-wing government with 64-65 mandates.

The new Prime Minister of Israel will be Benjamin Netanyahu who has been in power for 12 years and previously served as Defense Minister under former President Shimon Peres

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Israel is set to hold a stable, right-wing government with 64-65 mandates.

So far 85.9 percent of the votes have been counted, with most of the regular envelopes being counted | It appears - a stable right-wing government with 64-5 mandates. Currently, Meretz does not pass the blocking percentage, but even if it does, the right-wing bloc will still stand at 62 mandates | Yesh Atid is preparing for a change of government (News)

71.3% of those with the right to vote in Israel exercised their democratic right last night (Tuesday) and visited the thousands of polling stations throughout the country. At eight o'clock in the evening the polling stations in the small settlements were closed and at ten o'clock in the evening all the polling stations were closed - when at the same time, according to 'Likud' reports, clashes began in several polling stations in Arab settlements.

Update of the true results as of 14:06 - about 85.9% of the votes have been counted. According to the weighting of the data, this is the mandate map for the time being:


Likud - 32

There is a future - 24

Religious Zionism - 14

The state camp - 12

Shas - 11

Torah Judaism - 8

Israel Beytinu - 5

Hadash Ta'al - 5

Work - 4 (3.57%)

Ream - 5


Do not exceed the blocking percentage:

Meretz - 3.19%

BLD - 3.01%

The Jewish Home - 1.17%


The image of the blocks:

Netanyahu supporters - 65

Hadash Ta'al - 5

The current coalition - 50


Up to this time, almost 100 percent of the envelopes have been counted, but the counting of the double envelopes - where there are more than half a million envelopes (equivalent to about 10 mandates), will only start from the late evening hours. The final results of the elections will hopefully arrive - only tomorrow at noon.


But as it is already evident, the right-wing bloc won by a huge margin and currently stands at 65 mandates.


The Meretz party does not pass the threshold, but even if it does pass, the right-wing bloc will still win at least 62 seats, which should keep the government that will be formed more stable than they thought.


It should be noted that the percentage of blocking in these elections is 3.25%. Meretz lacks about 27,000 votes and the Balad party, which at the beginning of the tense night was still thought to have a chance, lacks about 36,000 votes - and apparently now there is no chance of it passing.


The one who gets the brunt of the criticism in the "Change Bloc" is of course Prime Minister Yair Lapid, at whom the heads of the parties are furious that due to his appetite to be the largest party, he threw Meretz beyond the threshold, did not care about party unifications and behaved arrogantly all along the way, so claim the Bloc of a torch Lapid and his office, who understand the magnitude of the loss, are already preparing for a change of government.


It should be noted that Netanyahu is not procrastinating and already last night he spoke with the parties of the bloc's leaders and it seems that soon we will see the formation of a stable government, which we all hope will last for many years and contribute to the stability of the government in Israel - which has been damaged in recent years.

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